KCSR.org "Holiday Suprise" Adopt-a-Family Donation 2011

Image of KCSR.org "Holiday Suprise" Adopt-a-Family Donation 2011


Total amount raised for 2011 was $880!!!
Thank you all so much!

Members of KCSR.org

So the time has come.... to place lights around the house, dust the tree off in the basement. And start prepping for the Christmas adventure to come.
Christmas time is likely the most joyful time of year for small children,.... without a doubt. (well other then sweet Halloween costumes, ha ha) They get to help prep the tree, talk about Santa, (maybe even see him at the mall) and look forward to good meals and presents under the tree.

Many of us KCSR.org members are truly blessed, with all that we have in our lives. We are able to come home to nice homes, We have wonderful hobbies such as cars, and we can spend this season with joy around those friends and family that we love so dearly. However not every family can take part in that joy, partly due to the stress of not being able to "give" to their family what they so rightfully deserve. So this is a time where we as members can give that "little" extra to help out a special family, and surprise them with memories they will share for a lifetime.

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On behalf of all of us at KCSR.
K.W. (zef)
Dr. John (Paean)
Erik (EA)

Thank you all so very much!

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